Thursday, March 22, 2018

Tri-Production Publishing, Inc. 

We are excited to announce that Tri-Production Publishing, Inc. is live. Our website has gone live, and we are ready to begin helping authors complete their work. I am really excited for you to see what God has done.

What is Tri-Production Publishing, Inc.? We are more than a publishing company, we are a school for authors to help you become the best author, but even more, the best entrepreneur you were meant to be. 

If you partner with us, we offer you the three educational modules in our Author Institute. The material cover ranges from creative writing to editing, to marketing. Go on over to our website and what we have to offer. Click the link below:

Tri-Production Publishing, Inc. Website

Maybe you aren't ready to publish. Perhaps you need help deciding what to write. We can help you as well. Dr. Williams offers a coaching package. If you choose to publish with Tri-Production after going through the coaching, you'll receive a $50 coupon to use toward one of the packages. See if this might be for you. Click the link below:

Also, sign up on our page and receive updated emails on sales, events, and author releases. We will also be sharing more on this blog and our FB page. So join us on FB for our tips and ideas.

Lastly, we are growing a community of Christian writers that desire to share ideas, seek help, and support one another. It is a closed group, but you are welcome to join us. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Tri-Production - Forward Focus

I am excited to say things are progressing well.  I am working with some talented people to create our book covers. I am taking my books through the publishing process first before our actual launch to make sure we have everything in place that we desire. We want to produce a product that helps you compete with the books you see on the bookshelves, on Amazon or anywhere you find a good book to read.

I've been working on the curriculum that we will present in our Online Author School. I am most excited about what we will be offering you. I have gone to and been a part of several webinars and sessions to see if my information was on par with what is available in the publishing community. What I found is I have written the things these other authors are saying, even the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, the difference is I am not charging you the thousands of dollars many of these programs are for you to get the same information I am adding as a part of your package.

I am preparing to price my packages. I want to make sure our pricing is not overpriced for the author while also ensuring that I am fairly paying those I am contracting to do the work (editors, cover designer, etc.). As of right now my I believe my pricing is excellent. One of the reasons is because it is all-inclusive. There are packages, for example, that may start at $800, but they do not include editing, and sometimes covers, or other items. Once you add the other items you need, you could be at as high as $5,000. Our price will consist of editing, the Author Institute (which are all online at your convenience), development and completion of your cover, to name a few. We will also offer some a la carte items that you may want to use. For one, we have an artist that does beautiful work creating artwork that looks like paintings but are computer generated (you’ll see a sample on some of my books when we launch). His artwork will be a la carte item (more information when we launch).

Finally, we are also preparing our Facebook page. I will share when it is ready for release. We are hoping to begin sharing in the next month. We plan to release our Facebook page shortly after we confirm our contracted participants and our pricing; then we will be ready to go. So be assured, Tri-Production is here!

If you have any questions about our products or are interested in being put on our mailing list for our launch and the release of more information, you can e-mail me at:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tri-Production Pre-Launch

I am excited to share that things are moving forward with Tri-Production Publishing, Inc. It has been slow moving; in part, because I was allowing fear to keep me from pursuing my dreams and the vision God gave me.

What's different now, you may ask? What is different is me. This year has been a very difficult one, but one where I was stretched and challenged to grow. I finished my doctoral work and am now Doctor Jewel D. Williams. In this year I had to come face to face with the truth, that I was living the life of a person without a "father." Mostly, I was responding to life from an orphaned spirit. God was gentle with me, and He helped me understand I needed a new heart, a healed heart. I lost someone extraordinary in my life, Deanne Curtis, my spiritual mother. The death of Deanne caused me to go into a depression, and I knew I needed help.

God showed me I was living as an orphan as if no one would help me (because that is how I often felt). He reassured me I was not alone and that He was with me. When God healed me, He removed all the hurt, brokenness, and even the grieving I was doing for my spiritual mother. After He replaced my broken heart, He let me know I had to fight to walk in that wholeness. That meant I had to be willing to face every obstacle in life so I could see my destiny fulfilled; starting my publishing company was one of those hindrances I needed to face.

That brings me to today. Tri-Production is in preparation mode. I am working out the final details and hope to have some sneak peaks coming in 2018, with our official rollout by mid Spring. For those that have been asking, yes, it is coming, and you won't be disappointed when you see what we have to offer.

Know this, Tri-Production is on the move!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Are You Ready to Go the Distance? - Writing Workshop Series

Are You Ready to Go the Distance?

It has been several weeks since I last wrote, but I have not given up. As I thought about what to say today, the word Perseverance came to mind. The meaning of the word is having a "steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success." What does that really say to you and I about our writing?

Many have this romantic idea about writing. Maybe you were like me and loved the movie series, "Murder She Wrote" about a school teacher turned mystery writer. Her rise to fame was quick and it took her to one location around the world after another. We never say save for a few episodes where she seemed to be having some writers blocks. In fact most of the time it seemed as if her books were developing, writing and publishing themselves.

If life were only like this, however it is not. So for the average writer you will have to be willing to move along step by step  striving to make it to that place where your work is produced. The chances of getting your work published by the traditional publishers are slim at best. So what is a writer to do? I would simply say this, if you believe your work it important then don't give up. Don't feel as if you are less than a writer if one of the well known publishing companies does not publish your book. In fact, if you really knew how many new authors that take each year, it would discourage anyone from being a writer. However, that is why self-publishing and assisted self-publishing has made such a big splash in the publishing world. You can even go to places like Amazon and use their publishing services.

I love the picture above of the snail. It said by perseverance the snail made it to the ark. Think about that for a moment. This snail had to have been willing to move along at his snail pace no matter what it came up against. And since they went in by two's that mean he had to be willing to help his partner kept on track as well. On this journey I think it is a great idea to get an accountability partner, someone that will walk along with you at the pace you are going to help you keep on track. They don't have to be writing as well, just someone you trust that will help keep you on the pace of you.

Maybe the snail say a faster moving animal come along and asked for a ride. Sometimes in this pursuit of reaching your place of safety (the place where you book is nurtured and published) you have to be willing to ask others for help. People you see getting to the destination a little faster than you. Maybe they have some suggestions, ideas or tools that can help you get to the location a little faster than you were going.

I have found it quite interesting that people don't like to ask for help. We have this unrealistic idea that the work in my head is perfect so I won't need any input or help to get if from my head to the finished work. I've seen work of people that thought that and I couldn't read what they wrote past the first few pages because it was so hard getting past the errors. If your work is important to you, be humble enough to receive all the help you can from others to help it make it to that place were it is ready for others.

The truth is, even the best writers, greatest inventors, or artist of any kind would tell you they had to edit their ideas several times before they got it to work. I like what the statements says in this picture, I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. If we take this type of attitude we are saying I know my work has merit and I know I will end up with a finished product. I simply must be willing to deal with the ideas that fail, the paragraphs that I must re-write because they really don't fit in with the idea I was trying to present. I have to pick a new cover, this one doesn't work. I have to scrap an entire section and start again. But in the end, it's worth it because I will accomplish my goal. 

I want to share a story. I may have already shared it, but it's worth sharing again. I finally got my books back from my publisher that closed. I thought I would be able to simply open up the file and make a few corrections and then quickly send it to be published. Every time I would try to make a correction, save it and then come back, it would be worst than before. Finally, it dawned on me that I was going to have to re-type both books. 

As I began to type I would have questions pop into my mind. I would say things like, I really want to make the page fancy. Or I want to have the chapter titles appear in the header. Or I want a special character or shape at the beginning of each chapter. As I was typing, I began playing around with the program and I began to come up with the ways to do what I wanted. In the end I realized I needed to take this slow and steady way because it allowed me to learn some things I would have missed had I tried the short cut way. Sometimes on your journey you may feel as if it is taking you too long to finish your project, or to get it to that place of publishing, however realize there is something you are learning in the process, something that will be vital for you later. In this instance, now when I am ready to publish, I will have several styles to present to my clients because I learned how to do them first hand.

So never give up, look up (for encouragement, guidance and assurance) but never give up. We are still working through the steps needed to get my publishing company going, we are moving slow and steady, but in the end we will accomplish what we started.

Until next time. Happy writing!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Are You Passionate About Your Writing? - Writing Workshop Series

Are You Passionate About Your Writing?

As some of you may know, I don't only talk about writing, but I write. I love to write. I do it all the time, some for publishing and some simply because I can. A few months ago I received a shock. The publisher of my first two books closed without any warning. Gone was my book, my royalties and all that I had invested. I was devastated to say the least. 

In the midst of my tears I remember something that God had shown me some time ago, in fact it had to be at least 10 years or so. He showed me Tri-Production (the name of this blog). He showed me that Tri-Production would be the company that handled my publishing, film making and creative endeavors, like my board game I created. However how many of us have grand dreams, but dismiss them as some fantasy that could never happen? That's exactly what I did, I dismissed it, sort of. Oh, I created the blog, but I never really knew what to do with it. I would write now and then, share my videos from the C.O.M.E. ministry, but that was as far as it went, until my publisher closed.

It was at that time that I realized I already had the answer to, "what am I going to do?" I am going to become even more passionate about what I was called to do and do it to the best of my ability. That day when I was reminded that I had the tools in my hand to accomplish my goal, I had a new passion, oh yeah, and a new fear.

 The new passion was a re-dedication to taking not only my writing more serious but the idea of publishing my work and the work of others. I had to begin to believe in myself, that was my fear. I wasn't sure, could I publish? Could I handle both ends; writing and publishing? Then I reminded myself, "I can do all things through Christ..." This effort was not going to be by my know-how but by using the wisdom of God to help me through. I began to seek help. I am working with some people that not only want to help me succeed, but are willing to invest in the vision God has on my life. How precious is that!

I can only image you reading this post and wondering what does any of this have to do with your passion for writing? I would say it has a lot to do with it, because we all face some obstacles that can stop us in our tracks and make us re-evaluate our decisions to be a writer. Maybe your distraction isn't a publisher leaving you, maybe it's not being able to find the motivation to write, or maybe it's the lack of funds, or the fear of can I really do this? Whatever the distraction may be, if we don't have a passion for what we do, writing will soon be a distant hobby or dream.

I am now preparing those two books I talked about to be republished. It took me some time to get my manuscript and information back, but I did. At first I simply tried to edit or reformat the file. However, I was having some difficulty doing that. Soon I realized I needed to re-type the entire manuscript. While that might seem like something bad, it wasn't. In the course of typing the manuscript I am learning some formatting tips that will help me create books that have a quality look. It is also giving me the opportunity to read my work. As I am reading it, I am discovering my desire growing with each page. I am falling in love with this book all over again. It has reminded me of why I write. It is not so I can have some fame or recognition, it is because I truly want to help and encourage others to learn to be their very best.

Part of being passionate about your writing, calls for you to be passionate about your words. I don't consider myself to be the best technical writer, I am more creative and colorful in my words, that's what a good friend tells me. She says I have "flowery words." Since I know this about myself I had to learn to be comfortable with others examining my work, dissecting it, questioning it and giving me the hard truth. That's called editing.

I have found this is an area that many are not comfortable with exploring. We hold our work dear to us, like our defenseless children. Therefore, who will allow someone to talk about, discuss or say anything negative about our children? Yet as dear as are work is, if we really cherish it, we need to have someone read our work. Otherwise, we may find our pages filled with words and thoughts that are lost on our readers. We don't want to make them have to read a sentence over 3 or 4 times because they didn't understand it. If they read it again, let it be because the thought was so inspiring that they wanted to impress it upon their memory.

If you are passionate about your writing, you will dedicate your time to doing it. Setting aside time to write; whether it's a book, poem, play or any other material, is necessary. If you have an idea but think your writing skills may be lacking, then take a basic course in English or Creative Writing to help you develop. I did my under Graduate, Graduate and now Doctoral courses online. That requires me to have to write all the time. This has really helped me learn how to develop my thoughts, present my information and stay on topic. It is so easy to go running from one idea to another, leaving your reader exhausted because they don't know where you are going. I remember a teacher in one of my classes said he didn't care what we thought, but what could we prove. That has always been something on my mind when I write.

I don't want to simply tell you what I think, I could be thinking wrongly. I want to research and find evidence either from other researchers or within the pages of the Bible on what I am speaking. If you are passionate about your work, you will make sure you check your facts. You want to be responsible because you understand words are powerful.

In closing, I want to encourage you from time to time to step back and think about why you are writing? What is your motivation? Is it because it looks like something fun to do and a way to make money or gain fame? Or is it because you believe you have a mission to accomplish, you have people that you can impact? If your goal for writing isn't steeped in a desire to make a difference; like giving someone some pleasure in a created world on the pages of your book, you may not continue the journey. Ignite your passion, dedicate yourself to what you have been called to do as it relates to your writing. And in the meantime, if you are looking for a publisher, keep your eye's open for Tri-Production's launch (expected in Mid-Summer, 2015).