Monday, October 5, 2009

Words of Encouragement

You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound. I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety. - Psalm 4:7-8

                                                                                                                          The benefits of peace. This short piece of scripture is filled with great instructions. The first point in this scripture says that "you have filled my heart with greater joy". The psalmist is acknowledging where the joy in his heart comes from. He also states it is greater than "when their grain and new wine abound." What is the psalmist saying? What the psalmist is trying to tell us is that first he knows why his heart is filled and where it comes from. And it is a joy that is greater than when our "stuff" is full and our bank accounts are doing well for us. This joy is greater than that. We too should be like this psalmist. Our joy is not from our own doing. You and I cannot truly fill our hearts with the kind of joy that only comes from God.
The psalmist then makes a decision based on this joy within his heart. He has decided that he will "lie down and sleep in peace" It is wisdom that allows us to make the next step in our understanding about the things of God. When we can say that we have the joy of the Lord and it is our strength. When we can say I have the joy that comes from God, then we can also understand there are great benefits to understanding the joy of the Lord. The psalmist understood that. He said I will lie down and sleep in peace. I won't worry about my money, my joy, my situation or my circumstances. I won't worry who is out to get me or who wants to do me harm. I won't worry about how life is unfair or how I feel no one understands me. Why? The psalmist answers that in the last part of these scripture.
Here is the answer, "for you alone make me dwell in safety." This is the greatest understanding we can have as children of God. We are not beggers standing on the outside of our God's provisions seeking him to give us a simply crust of bread. We are children of God and he has given to us all that we need. We can have the joy of the Lord because he has provided it for us. We can have joy no matter what the situation or circumstances, and we can go to sleep and rest. We do not have to worry or toss and turn about what the outcome of our situations will be. We have the joy of the Lord. We have the peace of the Lord. His peace truly passes all understanding because it does not make sense that we can sleep restfully when we do not know if the report we get will be good or not. It does not make sense that we can be at peace when all "hell" is breaking loss. It does not make sense that we can have joy when life around us says there is no hope.
Well today, I want to encourage someone that is feeling down, disappointed with life and the situations around you. God has a great gift for you, his peace. Do not let the devil fool you into believing you have no hope with your marriage, or your children or even finding a joy. God says receive his peace. Everybody around you seems to be pulling against you, God says receive my peace. No joy, hurt so bad that you don't think your heart will ever mend, God says recieve my peace.
I pray today this prayer, Lord we thank you for the benefits of your peace. We thank you that we do not have to fret or worry about what tomorrow will bring, we only have to trust in the one that holds our tomorrows. Help us today to receive your peace right now. Help us to let go of the worries about all the things that burden our hearts. Help us to place them in your very capable hands. I ask that you open the financial doors for those that are seeking a way. Lord heal the bodies of those in need of physical healing. Lord touch the lives of those that are in need of spiritual healing. You Lord have all that we need and we recieve it today along with your peace, that peace that says, it is well with our souls. In Jesus name we pray, amen.