Saturday, April 7, 2012

Interview with Sandra DeBose

Sandra Dee Debose

Author of Naked and Not Ashamed
I'm excited to introduce to you Sandra Dee Debose as she shares her life openly in her book, Naked and Not Ashamed.  Read her response to my questions in this interview.

1.      Why did you write this book? Writing this book originally started out as a way to relieve stress.  I found writing a relaxing outlet.  However, as it began to evolve I found that I was actually being set-up by the Holy Spirit.

2.      What were you hoping individuals would get from reading your book? An insight to the struggles and victories faced by Christians.  Knowledge of God’s mercy and grace.

3.      What is the significance of your title and cover?    I had to be open and honest in order to show God’s Love.  Testifying about REAL situations that we face as Christians allows my readers to know that they too can share their situations without shame or fear. 

4.      How did your faith play into you accomplishing this task?  Believe me without faith I would not have been able to set out on this venture.  It was by faith that I obeyed God’s leading to finish.

5.      I had two stories that were my favorite; Matthew and Zoe and A War Going On.  What was your favorite story you shared?  I would also say “A War Going On.” 

6.      Why?  Young lives were changed on that Chicago corner that night!

7.      What was the hardest thing to share in your book and why?  I wouldn’t say that any of it was “hard.”  I was concerned about how my readers would receive “Matthew and Zoe”. The feedback that I have received has confirmed that what we go through is common to man.  Women are opening up to me and sharing their experience.  Women who thought that they were alone.    

8.      How difficult was it to write? It was not difficult at all.  I’ve been telling these stories for years but simply decided to write them down.

Or did you have a writing schedule that you kept to?  I wrote while my family watched television and during my quite time. I self-published so I had no deadline.

9.      Do you have plans to write any other books? I have many more stories, poems and original songs in my spirit that are waiting to be released. 

If so are you currently working on one?  Yes, I am currently putting things in order for book two. 

10.  What would you suggest to someone about going for their dream(s), whatever it is?  I found that you can’t share your vision with everyone.  Don’t be discouraged if those closes to you do not receive your vision.  Remember Joseph’s own brothers threw him in the pit.  When you share your vision, expect to have a “Pit Experience.”  Don’t let it throw you.

11.  What is the response you have gotten so far about your book?  I have received all positive feedback. 

12.  Getting a book published is not something that happens quickly, how did you combat the “voices” that said this would not happen?   After coming out of agreement with the spirit of procrastination everything supernaturally fell into place. God showed me who to contact and how to present it.  It is not as hard as people think.  I self-published my book for under $300. 

$35.00             Library of Congress copyright registration fee

$125.00           ISBN and Bar Code

$117.00           Printing of 50 copies

$14.00             Web-Site

I found the cover picture on the internet and wrote the artist.  She gave me permission to use her print free of charge.  I found the entire experience fast and easy.  To God be the Glory!

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