Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Someone You Should Know!

This is my middle daughter singing with another one of the children.

We want to finish the interview with Michelle regarding the recording of her CD.

Jewel - What do you hope to do going forward with your music? I have some ideas, don't forget I'll be needing someone to score my movie.

Michelle - That's great that God has planted so many wonderful ambitions in your heart...and He will surely bring'em to pass as you continue to consult him. Well, all this initially was of course--merely an annual Scholarship Benefit initiative. So even though the first year featured piano performances from summer students and the second year was the CD production, I feel the Lord is leading me to produce a Music/Production/Play where there will still be another CD release (with approximately 17 more songs) but incorporating a story/drama in the production. Again, the Lord was speaking to me at last year's Youth Convention, this time--from the Grapevine, Texas area and I was pretty much asking Him what His specific will was--for '08. So pretty much the overall future looks like...to continue providing artistic venues for youth to express themselves as they honor their Heavenly Father--and ultimately benefit their futures by raising funds from these annual events--so they can enroll in various music classes that will partly be funded by some of the available monies.

Come back again for the rest of this interview.