Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Someone You Should Know!

Some proud parents sitting and watching our children (that's me in the blue/green outfit).

This minister working with the children also signs during the recording. She has often offered her time to teach the children sign language during the VBS (Vacation Bible School) season.

These children were all prepared to do their part. These two that are leading this song are top students and are involved in many programs that they excel in.

We had many proud grandparents and great grandparents as well. This is my mother-in-law smiling at the children. There are some other proud grandparents seated next to her.

Come back for some more of the pictures from the Smart Museum taping.

Words of Encouragement

then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God. For the LORD gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. He holds victory in store for the upright, he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless, - Proverbs 2:5-7

What Jesus’ Gift Brings. Wisdom. This Proverb is titled in one Bible reference as the moral benefits of wisdom. The writer starts with an encouragement for the reader to hear these words and to live by them. He tells the reader to turn his ear to wisdom (good judgment and insight) and apply his heart to understanding (thoughtfulness).

He tells the reader that it is wisdom that will hold them and keep them blameless before the Lord. He warns do not allow the wicked or those that turn from the truth to influence you to do what is wrong. He says it is wisdom that will keep the feet of the godly from turning after the things of the wicked. He even states in verse 16 that if your spouse moves away from the truth of God, do not follow them because the path they are on leads to death and destruction. The writer wants us to understand we are not to allowing anything to stand between godly wisdom and us.

The important question for us to ask is if wisdom is important for us to obtain, how do we get it? This is one of the provisions we are offered through the gift of Jesus. When Jesus went to the cross he opened to you and I a way to God. This gift of Jesus is salvation for all that will come. It is also for us to be able to obtain what we need from the Father to walk in this way. God provided the way and then the ability to stay in that way.

This is another reason why we do not have to be afraid of the challenges we face. We can find comfort in the Lord because we have access to godly wisdom. This Proverb warns the reader to seek wisdom in all things. We need wisdom in our choices, in how we handle our relationships, how we allow others to influence us and how we face test and trials. We need wisdom even to help us deal with the challenges of dealing with others. The enemy tricks us and uses us sometimes (if we are not careful) by how we respond to things. We think we may be doing what is right, and if we do not test our thoughts and actions against godly wisdom we will find ourselves having to apologize for our lack of wisdom.

I pray for us today and say as the writer of this Proverb, the Lord gives us wisdom and he will give us victory when we us that wisdom in all that we do. It is God’s wisdom that allows us to be able to walk blameless. It is our pursuit of godly wisdom that helps us to keep in line with what God wants us to do and it helps us to see the devil at a distance and uncover his tricks and traps he sets for us. Today, let us thank God for wisdom. Let us meditate on the wisdom of God so that we can be victorious.