Friday, May 23, 2008

Picture Gallery

This was our annual Avon Luncheon. It is to honor the representatives that have sold over $10,000 each year. While this was a banquet about business, I am always seeking godly wisdom in everything I do.

This is a picture of two repesentatives Robert and Lynette. Robert sold Avon before, left and came back with the help of "Super" representative Lynette Rhymes. The spiritual principle I see in this is, we must be willing to extend a hand to others so that they too can grow and be able to come and "feast" at the banquet table. No not the Avon table, but at the banquet table that God has prepared for those that love him.

These were two newer representatives that I believe Lynette is mentoring. As she helps them to grow their business, they too will turn around and help someone else. That is what God wants us to do for the kingdom. When he gives us the tools we need to grow, then we are to turn around and help someone else grow and the process continues.

This is me with my Avon District sales manager, Barbara Sanders. She is a wonderful woman. She gives to all that are around her. She is willing to invest in others. Not just where Avon is concerned. She invested in me. That is what God wants us to do with others. Are you willing to invest in people so that they can reach their full potential?

This is me with my great and dear friend, Lynette. Lynette has kept me from leaving Avon on a few times when I was ready to let go. Sometimes we need those encouragers that will help us hold on. I have invested 26 years with Avon. Can you image that (I know you're thinking you don't even look that old!)

These women are also part of the Avon family. The woman in black, is one of the top salers in Avon for our district. She sales over $40,000 a year. Yet, she is still very sweet and encouraging. Isn't that what God wants us to be, sweet and humble? It does not matter how high we rise, he still wants us to stay approachable to those coming behind.

Words of Encouragement

When you receive understanding of something that has been eluding you, it is like a light going on overhead. God wants the light to go on for us. He wants to help us understand the mysteries of his word.

Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms." Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures. He told them, "This is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, - Luke 24:44-46

What are You Thinking? Opened Minds. I believe this is one of the greatest things God does for us next to the gift of salvation, he opens up to us his scriptures. What if you had to go to a city or a destination but you didn't have any directions? What would you do? You might try to ask someone that has gone before, but then how do you know they have given you correct information, you have no way of checking it?
Do you simple go out and just hope you get where you want to go? Do you know that is what so many people do with their souls? They don't have the direction but they just travel out and think they have it right. The wonderful thing is we don't have to go on our own thoughts, which we realized earlier this week can sometimes be warped and not accurate. Instead, God is waiting to open to us the road map for life.
God is waiting to open to you and I the right way to go. He wants us first to realize it is opened to us through Jesus, his son. Jesus becomes the door that you and I must enter to receive the blessings of God.
So today, I pray for us that we seek God to understand the things of God. We don't have to go simply on what somebody said (even though that is good to have people help you understand the word of God). We must come and seek him for ourselves. He will open to us the storehouse of his blessings. So this weekend when you go to worship, go seeking God to give you his thoughts and that he make your way, his way.