Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Week in Review

I celebrated my 47th birthday this past Monday.  I decided to look back at some times in my life.  So I decided to make you go with me!  This picture is me enjoying myself with the kids of my famous "Williams Camp." We started the day dancing and singing songs.  The children enjoyed themselves and I must say I had a great time as well.
After we finished dancing and burning off some energy, we sat down to do lessons that I prepared each day. We would do themes for the week. Planes, trains and automobiles is one I remember.  We even did one called under the sea and we took an old box into the back yard and went fishing for things in the ocean.
I guess I not only love teaching, I love learning. This is from my graduation in May 2008.  I graduated as "Outstanding Student of the Year" in the study for Christian Ministries.  My professors picked my name.  What an honor.
This baby girl was not supposed to grow up! But one day the little girl that I brought home and didn't know what to do with became a beautiful young lady.  This was at her luncheon last year.
I am always amazed when I look at myself in pictures just how much different I look each time. This is one of my favorite pictures of me and one of my most favorite people (yes I'm guilty of showing favoritism). God always places people in your life that are willing to plant into you. From those that have been willing to do so for me, I make a promise to turn around and do the same for someone else. (Note: If I had a picture of another wonderful sister, Sis. Tolliver, I'd put her here.  Thanks for your investment in me).
Yes, I can clean up after playing with kids and look rather nice I think.  This was at our Women's Convention banquet in October of 2008.  I really enjoyed myself, I got a chance to spend it with my "big Sister" Arnetta.  We laughed quite a bit.  She's crazy in case you didn't know.

Just another picture of me in one of my favorite colors, orange. 
A blast from the past! This was my pictures I took when I was graduating from high school.  I thought I was something special, I took my little money and went to Kmart and had my pictures taken.
This is my husband's favorite picture of me when I was in high school.  You can really see how slanted my eyes are in this picture. I look at this picture and I think about just how far God has brought this young girl.  She's smiling in the picture but she was hurt, lost and really didn't know what was ahead of her. God did and I'm thankful.
You have probably noticed, I don't keep the same hair style long. I go from braids, to long hair to short hair and start all over again. Just keeping it interesting!
Okay, I'm done, I won't make you look at any more pictures.  This is one of my favorites of myself.  I think I looked cute on this picture. This was right after the Lord called me to ministry.  I was beginning to see many changes in my life. Starting with my weight.  I lost over 40 pounds during this time as I began to try and live a more disciplined life.