Friday, June 13, 2008

Words of Encouragement

The children came to worship the Lord. They rejoiced and celebrated the awesomeness of God.

All the earth bows down to you; they sing praise to you, they sing praise to your name." Selah Come and see what God has done, how awesome his works in man's behalf! He turned the sea into dry land, they passed through the waters on foot— come, let us rejoice in him. - Psalm 66:4-6

Come and Go. God's Awesome Work. The psalmist calls for God's people to sing praises to his name. The psalmist calls for the people to "come" and see what God has done for mankind. The psalmist reminds the people of how God parted the waters and they walked across on dry ground. He says, rejoice in God.

This call for the people to come is also a call for us today. God calls us to come to him and to rejoice at what he has done for us. He also wants us to "go" and tell others. The psalmist had to go and tell others to come and rejoice as he reminded them of what God had done.

We are to come and go as God directs. As children of God we must always be ready to heed what we are instructed to do. This "coming and going" calls for us to be active and moving. The Christian life is not one of settling in and being stagnant. It is one that calls for action, life and movement.

Today, God we pray that you help us to be always moving as you direct. We are not to become stagnant or comfortable where we are, because as soon as we become comfortable, God calls us to move again. So when we go to worship this weekend, help us to hear your call to us for movement as directed by your spirit.