Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Week in Review


The rose, it’s color is deep red,
like the color of the blood Jesus shed.

It’s so beautiful to see,
It’s fragrance so delightful to the senses.

Jesus was the beauty,
the good sent to us,that delight for the mind and soul.

The rose, in its beauty has thorns of pain,
but Jesus took away that pain,when he gave up his life.

Jesus is the flower of life.
Like a small seed,

our faith can be planted into the heart to grow,
We must love and cherish all his works,

this is the sun and the water that makes it grow.
Like the first blossom of spring,

our awareness opens up to the Lord,
the beginning of a new season in Christ.

We must be thankful, for the blood he shed.
He shed it for me, and he shed it for you.

Jesus is the life, for without him,
there is no beauty, no happiness,
no hope of going on.

Like the flower, we must give time to grow,
we must let ourselves grow in grace,
with the Lord as our teacher.

The rose, so red,
like the color of the blood Jesus shed,

and in it’s beauty,
it could not be,
if it were not for the grace of God.