Monday, October 6, 2008

Words of Encouragement

Have you ever just taken the time to look at the beauty of God's earth?  Have you noticed the detail he puts into even the petals on the flower?  Do you know what he does that?  It is because he is perfect.  God does everything good.  If he can fashion the flower to reflect his beauty, surely he can do it with man?

Do not sacrifice to the LORD your God an ox or a sheep that has any defect or flaw in it, for that would be detestable to him. - Deuteronomy 17:1

Sacrifices. What is acceptable to God.  When you read the Old Testament and learn about the sacrificial system, it seems quite strange to say the least. Yet, this was the requirement for the people.  God set up a system of sacrifices that were to be given for the people on behalf of their sins.

One requirement was that the animal be without defeat or flaw because this would be detestable to God.  Why do you think this would be so? God is a holy God and he requires that which is right before him.

How can something flawed be a true sacrifice unto God?  We do not really have to completely understand the reason why, we simply must accept that this is God's way. When we do, then we can have a better understanding why our sacrifices to God must be without flaw or defeat. 

The only way that happens is if our sacrifices are done unto God through his Son, Jesus.  Jesus makes our efforts acceptable to God.  If I yield myself to Jesus then my sacrifices becomes acceptable in the sight of God.  Jesus was the true sacrifice that was without blemish or spot and was acceptable unto God.

His sacrifice is what presents you and I to God as one that is not detestable.  If you try to go to God without the blood of Christ, you are a defeat and are flawed, and therefore you are destestable to him.

When you stand represented by his son, you are then acceptable to him.  Today I pray that we continue to stand in the path that Jesus has set for us so that we will continually be acceptable unto God.  That our lives, when sacrificed for God, are acceptable unto him.