Saturday, February 2, 2013

What is birth in you?

What is birth in you?
Written by: Rev. Jewel D. Williams
            Recently I was a part of an event where I experienced something amazing.  I cannot fully explain it, but I was told it looked as if I was giving birth.  What God later spoke to me was this, “how are you going to treat this birth? Will you treat it like a live birth or a stillborn?”  I took this to mean something special that I wish to share with you.
            There are times when we are asking God to do something for us and we have the great honor of receiving that in an unusual way from God.  We are excited about the initial “birth” and how we felt at that moment.  However, God desires us to do more than get excited about the encounters we have with Him.  We respond in two ways; we either treat what has been birthed in us as a stillborn or as a live birth. 
 If we treat what God has done in us as a stillborn we quickly lose the excitement of the birth and we see what was born in us as dead, which we soon discard.  However, if we treat what God births in us as a live birth, we treat it the way we would a new born baby.  You feed your new born baby.  You love and show affection to this new child.  You want others to share in your joy about your baby.  You do everything you can to supply your baby with what it needs to grow.    There isn’t anything anyone could say to make you lose the joy about your baby.  Even having to change not so pleasant diapers make you think negative about your baby.
            This is how God wants us to look at what He births in each of us.  He wants us to be excited about the things He is bringing from our lives.  He wants us to utilize what is in us to share the joy of this “birth” with those around us, so that they too will see the beauty of this new birth.  He wants us to supply this “birth” with what it needs to grow.  We need to spend time in prayer, reading our word and fellowshipping with God so that what is in us can grow.  And then, just as a child grows and needs meatier substance, so does what is in us need meatier substances. 
            I was also reminded when I read a piece of scripture (Psalm 7:14 ~ whoever is pregnant with evil conceives trouble and gives birth to disillusionment), that we have a choice on what is birth from our lives.  We can be used by God to bring birth to healing, deliverance, joy, peace and restoration to lives that are standing in need.  Or we can be used by the devil to birth disillusion and confusion and so much more if we are not willing to be the right kind of vessel.
            I want to encourage each of you today by asking, what is being birth through you?  Have you allowed God complete access to your life so the right seed can be planted in your life?  If so, in due season you will see the birth of that which is planted in your life.  Give that birth your complete attention.  Show it love, nurture it, get excited about it, and don’t let anyone convince you anything is wrong with what was birth in you.
Prayer: Lord you have birth something in your people.  Help us to nurture that which you have brought from our lives.  Help us to feed that which has been born from us so that it can become all you have ordained it to be.  Help us not to treat that which you have born from our lives as a stillborn.  Help us not to discard those gifts and talents in us.  Help us not to allow anything to discourage us from becoming all you have ordained.  Let it be so. Amen.