Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Week In Review

Destined for Greatness
(Preached at Langley Avenue Church of God 2/17/08)

You were fearfully and wonderfully made so that God could receive the ultimate glory from your lives. The greatest thing you must do is seek him to find out what his will is for your life. If you don’t you set yourself up to become just another statistic. Is that what you want for your life? Well it isn’t what God wants. He took his time to form you in your mother’s womb because he knew that his destiny for you was greatness. I’m not talking about stuff. I’m not talking about big houses, and fancy cars, and lots of money. I’m talking about greatness God’s way. In each of you God determines what your greatness is, but you have to seek him to find out what it is.

See people, even if they mean well might look at what you hold and think they are worthless rocks, but God looks at them and sees giant killers. Some might look at your life and see you as an unknown, no great story to tell, but God looks at you and says you are favored (like Mary) because you have been chosen for a purpose that God wants to fulfill only through you.So today, I ask you, what do you choose? Do you want to step into the path that God has for you? You can make that step today. If you don’t know the Lord you first have to accept the gift of salvation so that God can anoint your life with his Holy Spirit and plant in you his purpose for your life. That is only the beginning. There is a process that must follow.

Don’t get discouraged if things don’t turn around quickly. If you confess Jesus as your savior, don’t let the devil tell you, you are not saved. Accept by faith and move as he leads. If you are saved, but simply have not figured out what to do next, then seek God for his direction so that you can begin to walk in the purpose he has just for you. So that he can anoint your gifts so that you can take your place and use your talents for his glory. You are destined for greatness, not because of who you are, or where you’ve been, or who you know, but simply because of who God is. Another awesome thing about God is this.

What if you are living a life a statistic right now? You don’t have to stay that way. God can forgive any transgression, which means sin and move you from a statistic to sanctified. He can move you from a sinner to saved. You are destined for greatness because you are fearfully and wonderfully made. So today, allow God to anoint you and begin to reveal to you what his purpose for you is. And then through whatever bitterness you might face, it is only to sweeten the completion of what God wants to do in you. Don’t allow the circumstances and situations of life to make you doubt that God wants to do something with your life. Hold on to his hand and turn your back on the negative but turn to God instead. He is the one that formed you in your mother’s womb, so he knows what he destined you for. Will you allow him to lead you to your purpose? Sometimes when I preach, I like to end with a poem. I wrote this in 2005, take a listen.

The Journey
From your very beginning, God knew
He had a plan and a purpose just for you
He is calling you from that place of sin
And your walk, your journey will begin
He will show you his wonders and delights
He will show you how to do what is right
He will comfort you in your sorrow
He will be your hope for tomorrow
He will show you joys unspeakable and full of glory
He will help you to write your life’s story
He will be the light, which lights your way
He gives you new mercies for each day
As you reflect on your yesterday,
You can kneel in reverence to pray.
You can say, Thank you God for your footprints before me on the ground,
Thank you for helping me to never, never turnaround.
Thank you God for your strength that will protect
And God, me you never neglect
Thank you God for your promises are true
You said it and you are able to see me through
Thank you for removing all doubt and fear
Because of it your way is made clear
And as I continue to run this race,
Help me be in my rightful place.
So that those that come behind me,
Christ’s reflection in me they will see.
Go find God’s purpose for your life!

The Week in Review

Invest in Your Marriage and Reap the Benefits
Marriage & family, God’s Plan
1. The first step in investing in our marriage is to seek our happiness and joy from the right source.
2. The second step in investing in our marriage is seeking our roles through God.
3. The third step is having a forgiving heart.
4. The fourth step is making marriage a priority.
5. The fifth step in praying for one another.
6. The sixth step is to remove all out clauses.

Sometimes when I talk to married people, they have a "out clause" in case things do not work. The belief (often among saved people) is if things do not work out and I am not happy, I can get out of the marriage and try again.

This is a dangerous belief to have, especially as a believer. This is not the guideline for marriage as set forth by God. Yes, I know that there are some situations that causes individuals to leave (safety purposes for example). This is however, not the truth for every marriage.

What God calls for the believer is to give their marriage over completely to him. When we do, we serve a greater purposes of showing the world what God is capable of doing for those that love him. God gives us hope and if we trust him there are a few steps he gives for us so that we can hold onto that hope. The first thing is we need to remember our spouses are human and they are touched with the selfishness of the human. The second thing we must remember is we too are humans and if we want to be forgiven for our wrong choices, we should be ready to forgive. The third and last thing is we should remember that God can change every situation.

We must seek God to keep our marriages strong. This is why we must remove all out clauses or defeat clauses. Are you ready to allow God access to your marriage?

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